Project Title:  Youth Apprenticeship Program

1. Whakatautuhia te hunga e whaaia ana kia eke: Ko wai e ahei mo te kaupapa me e hia nga tangata ka tukuna?

Our target audience is underserved youth (ages 14-19) living in the St. Louis Promise Zone who are at the greatest risk for dropping out of high-school, involvement in the juvenile system, and other negative outcomes associated with unproductive use of unsupervised time. We intend to provide at least 40 paid apprenticeships to youth during the course of the project.

2. Whakaritehia he whakarapopototanga e whakaatu ana i te kaupapa me te huarahi e tukuna ai te kaupapa.

Each apprentice participates in daily hands-on training designed to increase artistic skills, work readiness, and overall well-being. Program components include mindfulness, life skills, work readiness training, communication skills, and community collaborations. Art is an integral tool used to create a more impactful learning experience. Each piece of the program helps to educate participants on strategies to manage barriers to success such as living in neighborhoods with high poverty, violence, and incarceration and ultimately be self-sufficient adults. Through a variety of arts-based prevention services, with a scaffold of behavioral health support, the program has a proven track records of improving the overall well-being of its youth participants. 

3. Whakaahuahia nga whaainga me nga whaainga o te kaupapa.

The goals of the project are to improve the overall well-being, work readiness, and artistic skills and knowledge of youth in the Promise Zone.

4. Whakaritehia te tahua mo te kaupapa katoa kua oti.

$ 29,942