Project Title:  An Approach To Healing the Community

1. Whakatautuhia te hunga e whaaia ana kia eke: Ko wai e ahei mo te kaupapa me e hia nga tangata ka tukuna?

Individuals and families living in the St. Louis Promise Zone.

2. Whakaritehia he whakarapopototanga e whakaatu ana i te kaupapa me te huarahi e tukuna ai te kaupapa.

One in five people have been diagnosed with a mental illness in the US but All of Us can benefit mental health support.

Trauma in urban communities is increasing due to the COVID-19 pandemic which brought drastic lifestyle shifts, fear of illness, financial distress, food insecurity. Continuing social injustices in urban communities and those injustices inflicted upon vulnerable people such as the mentally, mentally challenged, and children has also heightened, fear, stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness. Suicide, depression, anxiety and substance use are increasing.

We have been providing innovative evidenced based treatment in urban communities in St. Louis for 48 years. The evidenced based approaches include models designed to address trauma, stress, anxiety, depression. We have also been training staff and the community to utilize these approaches and increase the quality of access to behavioral healthcare in the community.

Funding will be used to provide free training to community residents, schools, churches, smaller non-profit and healthcare organizations to help the providers and caregivers on the front line and give them the tools to help children, adults in with. Training designed to help people increase their happiness and enjoyment of life, cope with stress and reduce after- effects of trauma. Funding will be used to provide mental health self care kits to the community education and tools to refer people to free and affordable behavioral healthcare.

3. Whakaahuahia nga whaainga me nga whaainga o te kaupapa.

Provide daily tools to promote mental health and emotional health and trauma reduction to individuals in the Promise Zone. 

Educate individuals in the Promise Zone on how to access mental health resources.

Increase messaging around Trauma awareness and mental health awareness in the Promise Zone.

4. Whakaritehia te tahua mo te kaupapa katoa kua oti.

$ 30,000